Invoice Stickers

Further to the announcement from the National Pharmacy Association, advising pharmacy contractors not to use invoice stickers for endorsing purposes, IPS Specials would like to reassure all of their customers that issues described by the NPA in their statement do not apply to IPS’ invoice stickers. IPS would like to advise all customers to carry on using the innovative endorsement tool as usual.

Designed to fit perfectly in the endorsement area of the prescription, our innovative stickers vastly reduce the probability of endorsement error, ensuring that pharmacies get paid the correct amount for their specials.

Before we introduced these stickers in 2011 they were the subject of a trial with NHS Wales where stickers were placed on prescriptions and run through the machines to test for compatibility. There wasn’t a single problem and not one prescription rejected, proving that our stickers are a true innovation and is the next step in endorsement evolution.  In addition to this test, the reality in England, is that Specials prescriptions are processed by hand so there is no risk of scanners reading the endorsement incorrectly.

Neil Jenkins, Business Service Lead of NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership – Primary Care Services said: “I see IPS Specials’ Invoice Stickers as a huge advance in the industry and as something the NHS and IPS should work on together. IPS’ innovation started a trend which will benefit all parties.”

For further information please contact our customer service team on 0800 644 0747 or e-mail Click here to download our endorsement leaflet.