November 2013

50 new products have been added to the Part VIIIB (Specials) Drug Tariff for November 2013 increasing the number of Specials on Tariff to 187. Sodium cromoglicate 2% eye drops was not added to DT, even though it was on the original list issued earlier in October.  There are also 18 increases in minimum price as well as 119 decreases.

Oxybutynin oral solution/suspension have all been removed from Tariff due to licensing of these products (they can now be found under Part VIIIA of the Tariff).

The full November Specials Drug Tariff list can be found here.

Top 10 Increases in Tariff Price

Product INCREASE in Price per Min. Volume
Glycopyrronium bromide 2mg/5ml oral solution £64.36
Dexamfetamine 5mg/5ml oral suspension £19.26
Methotrexate 10mg/5ml oral solution £16.30
Diazoxide 250mg/5ml oral suspension £15.78
Venlafaxine 37.5mg/5ml oral suspension £8.32
Colecalciferol 15,000units/5ml oral solution £7.38
Indometacin 25mg/5ml oral suspension £6.83
Dantrolene 25mg/5ml oral suspension £6.60
Tacrolimus 2.5mg/5ml oral suspension £5.77
Magnesium glycerophosphate (magnesium 121.25mg/5ml (5mmol/5ml)) oral suspension £4.76

Top 10 Decreases in Price


Product DECREASE in Price per Min. Volume
Magnesium glycerophosphate (magnesium 97.2mg/5ml (4mmol/5ml)) oral suspension -£54.61
Hyoscine butylbromide 10mg/5ml oral suspension -£46.44
Sildenafil 25mg/5ml oral suspension -£35.53
Colecalciferol 10,000units/5ml oral solution -£32.19
Sildenafil 10mg/5ml oral suspension -£32.01
Cyclizine 50mg/5ml oral suspension -£28.97
Pregabalin 75mg/5ml oral suspension -£28.55
Tolterodine 2mg/5ml oral suspension -£26.76
Hyoscine hydrobromide 500micrograms/5ml oral solution -£25.64
Enalapril 5mg/5ml oral suspension -£25.25