April 2013

As of 1st May 2013, along with 42 new products added to the Specials Drug Tariff Part VIIIB, there are changes to the way contractors must endorse their non-drug tariff Specials.

As well as the current requirements, contractors now have to also endorse the pack size of the product.

This means that where the unlicensed medicine is manufactured under a specials license or sourced under an importers license issued by the MHRA, the contractor shall endorse the:

  • pack size from which the order was supplied
  • invoice price per pack size from which the product was supplied less discount/rebates
  • manufacturer's/importer's licence number
  • batch number of the unlicensed medicine

We also discovered on checking this information with the English PPA and NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership - Primary Care Services (NWSSP-PCS) that contractors in Wales are also required to endorse the name of their Specials manufacturer / supplier.

At IPS Specials, we try to make life as simple as possible for our customers and our Innovative Invoices have been updated to ensure you don't miss any required information which may result in a delayed payment or underpayment for your Specials.

We have also updated our Quick Reference Specials Endorsement Guides for you to print out and display in your premises for locums or contractors who are not part of the IPS family and don't current receive the benefit of our Invoice Stickers.

Pharmacy Contractors: Download Specials Endorsement Guide here